Tracking and Reporting.

Tracking and Reporting 


An effective compliance program can’t be managed by office managers with notebooks and spreadsheets. 

Enter Compass.


Get compliance reports in minutes, not months.

Compass tracks training participation every step of the way and delivers comprehensive reports to your training coordinators. Local coordinators can also look up the training status of people from other locations within your organizations who might work or volunteer at their location for a special event. These on-demand reports are available 24/7 to authorized management and coordinators. All the data you need, stress-free.


Secure your data safely.

Every organization is provided with a unique website, customized with your branding. Participants can login on any device from home, work, school or from anywhere they have internet access. Not only is the website password protected, Compass also uses secure web technology to encrypt your user’s information. Your trainees will see the secure symbol, typically a lock, when they visit your training website.


Verify certificates instantly.

Each participant receives a unique certificate of completion after successfully completing all components of the course. The certificate is saved in the Compass database for verification and reporting, while giving you the ability to access them via email or printing. Each certificate has a unique verification code that can be validated at your custom Compass training website. Simply click on the verification link and enter the unique code to confirm that the certificate you received is for the person whose name is on the certificate you were given. It’s quick, easy and secure.


Get custom results.

Does your organization require unique data management? In addition to standard data collection and tracking, Compass collects custom data unique to your organization, such as location names and training positions. This ensures consistency with your existing processes, databases and organizational culture. Plus, Compass includes tools for your training participants to keep their personal information current so your database is up to date with the most up to date information.


Be prepared for audit season.
Many large organizations have voluntary or mandatory audits that they dread every year. With Compass, audit season doesn’t have to be stressful! Compass reporting makes it easy by providing all necessary reports and data. Local training coordinators can even submit their internal audit reports through the Compass system for the leadership team to review. This audit preparation process makes data collection easier and faster for your local training coordinators and leadership team!



Integrated Background Screening
Forget the days of having  separate databases, spreadsheets or paper files for background screening and training. With Compass, you can store your background check data and training data in one central database and generate on-demand reports to help you and your local training coordinators more effectively manage your safe environment program.
Now your trainees can submit their background screening applications online through a secure process via your background screening vendor AND access your organization’s training program – all at one website! Your training participants can even be required to have an approved background check as a prerequisite to completing their training.
And when it’s time for your people to get a new background check because their last one expired, our system notifies them, their local coordinator that it’s time for a new one and requires them to submit their new background screening application BEFORE they are permitted to do their next training.
Compass helps keep your people in compliance!
The following vendors are proud to partner with Compass: 


*Fingerprint screening PLUS other offline screening processes and vendors are also available. Ask us for more info!


Advanced Tracking Features

The following optional bonus features will help your organization further streamline data collection, reporting and overall management of your organization’s safe environment compliance program.

Advanced Training Reports
Drill down the training data to provide reports on specific job categories, courses, or other data and have that information delivered to specific leaders in your organization.


Automated Email Reports to Administrators and Local Coordinators
Compass offers on-demand reports but you may prefer to have your reports scheduled and delivered automatically by email to you or other members of your organization.



Automated Certificate of Completion Emails to Local Coordinators
Local coordinators are often wearing many hats. Having certificates of completion automatically emailed to them streamlines the process and eases their workload.


Local Program Administration
For organizations that require local training coordinators to have an advanced level of administrative responsibility for their location’s people, Compass provides limited administrative access to local training coordinators to maintain accurate user information, e.g. a volunteer’s status as active or inactive, to better help local and organization level program administration and reporting.

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