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Professional Learning Board

Created over 16 years ago, Professional Learning Board®, a service of The Learning Factory, provides relevant and research-based online professional development PD for teachers and educators in all 50 states.

Picture this: You’re busy teaching, creating lesson plans, grading, and juggling a million other responsibilities when you glance down at your school supplies receipt and notice the date.

Ugh! My teaching license is up for renewal!!

A thousand questions start flashing through your mind:

“What are the requirements to renew my teaching license?”

“How can I fit continuing education into my already jam-packed schedule?”

“Even though I need to renew my certificate to continue working, where can I find self-study 100% online PD?”

You know it’s true because you live it: Teachers might just be the busiest people on the planet.

Now there’s help.


Renew a Teaching License by Professional Learning Board

With 100% online classes, Renew a Teaching License helps teachers take self-study courses or self-paced semester graduate credit classes through regionally accredited universities.

When you just don’t have time, Renew a Teaching License is here to help.

Choose from a catalog of courses designed to meet your individual Professional Learning Plan requirements and renew your certificate at your convenience!

Get Online PD for Individual Teachers

PD is a great opportunity for teachers to grow professionally and maintain their teaching license.

Unfortunately, in-school PD often takes educators out of the classroom and doesn’t align with each teacher’s Professional Learning Plan. No one wants their Physical Education teacher to miss class for a Mathematics workshop!


ConnectedPD by Professional Learning Board

With ConnectedPD®, schools gain access to an entire course catalog of 100% online, self-study PD. Teachers can choose continuing education classes aligned with their professional goals and take them at their convenience.

Tap into PD for Schools

If we’ve all learned anything from COVID-19, flexibility is key. 

It’s the same with our schools. We can all agree, a safe school is a flexible one. 

But, when we think about flexibility, it leads us to hundreds of different possibilities for the 2020-21 school year. 


Flexible Schools by Professional Learning Board

Flexible Schools enables students and teachers to be located in multiple locations with learning transitioning smoothly from one to another. Professional Learning Board® has developed a series of resources and professional development to help your staff meet the learning needs of your students regardless of either the students’ or teachers’ physical location.

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