Training Courses.


Training Courses

While every organization has a unique mission, they all share the same values to protecting children.

Every person who works with kids has a commitment to safety, integrity, and responsibility.

At Compass, we use best practices to bring your values to life.


Teach your ValuesTeach Your Values
Through research-based compliance training courses and comprehensive reporting and tracking, Compass helps you achieve full compliance.

Each Compass training course is personalized to align with your organization’s values, culture, faith, and language. We also welcome you to review and edit the courses as needed.


Customize your LearningCustomize Your Learning
Courses are offered in three formats: online, a traditional offline class presentation, and offline individual study.

All online courses include an interactive lesson, quiz, and a review of your organization’s policies and code of conduct. A certificate of completion is immediately available upon successfully completing the course. Your organization can monitor everyone’s progress throughout the process, ensuring full compliance.

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Find the best fit for your organization:

Protect Your Kids

Child Protection Training for Employees and Volunteers

Shine a Light

Child Protection Training for Teen Volunteers


Eliminate Vulnerability

Children’s Learning Program

Protect Your Kids

Faith-based Training

Vulnerable Adults
Protection Training

Child Protection
Parent Education

Protect Your Kids

Training for Spanish Speakers & Other Languages

Creating a Harassment-Free Workplace Training

Eliminate Vulnerability

Courses for Individuals

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